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December 8, 2017

At long last, the December 2017 Update has arrived. Check out everything that has changed, and everything that has improved in the best version of Brawl Stars yet.

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! At long last, Brawl Stars December 2017 Update is now live! We will include in this article all the changes the team made to make the game more appealing as ever.

We are now seeing a lot of new stuff, especially the new user interface that wows us as soon as we open the app. You will also see one of the newest game mode, Boss Fight, when you go to the Brawl tab. The background music is new too, it is better than before. User interface might look confusing but hey, I’m liking what I see. I guess this what they call “polishing”!

New Brawler, Darryl

Darryl, the double barrel user inside a barrel. You can have him in the game as Super Rare. He has a base HP of 4400, ATK sits at 320 DMG per shell, Super at 640 DMG. Speaking of Super, think of it as Bull’s charge combined with Ricochet’s bullets. He charges and bounces off the walls and deals 640 DMG. He makes the maps his own pinball playground.

The new Skill Tree or Progression System

Don’t go brawling yet! Because of the update and the introduction of Tokens, Brawl Stars decided to reset everything. This will also give you a chance to max out your new favorite brawler. Before, we use Elixirs to upgrade our brawlers, now, we have Tokens. What happened to your Elixirs? The team exchanged them to Tokens with 1:40 ratio (1 Elixir = 40 Tokens). Another way to get Tokens is from Brawl Boxes. The great thing about getting Tokens inside Brawl Boxes is you can have a random high level Token for your Brawler (see image below). Also, please take note that you won’t unlock a Token from a locked brawler.
If you’ll notice, I already have 1 Health Badge unlocked. I got it from a Brawl Box, yes. The rest of the pins, badges, and medals can be bought using tokens. The lowest Pin, you can buy is for 30 tokens. If you try upgrading your brawlers using the Token system, you have to upgrade it in order. You just have to be extra lucky to get top tier medals from boxes. Once you’ve already filled all the needed upgrades, you will unlock crests that will give your brawler additional HP, ATK, or Super DMG. After completing the crests is the Star Power. Star Powers are unique in every brawler. This is a passive skill that may boost the brawler’s ATK, give him/her the ability to heal, etc.

Star Power

As mentioned earlier, Star Power is unlocked after unlocking all the crests. Each Star Power is unique.

  • Shelly: Shell Shock – Shelly’s Super can now slow down enemies for 3.0 seconds.
  • Colt: Slick Boots – This new boots will make Colt run faster.
  • Nita: Bear With Me – Nita can recover 180 HP whenever hear Big Baby Bear hits an enemy. Same goes to her BBB whenever Nita hits one.
  • Dynamike: Dyna-Jump – Dynamike can now use the power of his attack and super as a spring to jump over walls.
  • El Primo: El Fuego – El Primo’s Super can now deal fire damage to his victims. This will burn for 5 seconds leaving 400 DMG.
  • Bull: Berserker – This lets Bull double his reload speed whenever his health falls below 30%.
  • Brock: Incendiary – Brock’s main attack missiles will now have fire upon impact. It is more like Barley’s attack but with a smaller radius. Player/s standing on the fire will take 160 DMG per second.
  • Barley: Medical Use – Barley can now heal himself by sipping on his concoction before throwing it to his enemies. He will regain 100 HP from each main attack.
  • Jessie: Energize – Jessie can now recharge Scrappy by using her Shock Rifle. Each hit from her Shock Rifle restores 600 HP. After hitting Scrappy, the orb will then seek its victim as usual.
  • Ricochet: Super Bouncy – Ricochet’s main attack and super will have an additional 100 DMG.
  • Poco: Swan Song – Just before Poco meets his maker, he plays the Swan Song. This restores 1000 HP to nearby friendly brawlers.
  • Bo: Circling Eagle – Bo will now have the ability to see 5 tiles further in the bushes. Giving him the skill to kill enemies hiding.
  • Darryl: Steel Hoops – Darryl will have his barrel reinforced. This gives reduces the damage he takes to 70% whenever he uses his super.
  • Piper: Ambush – Whenever Piper’s hidden in bushes, she can deal +400 DMG at max range.
  • Pam: Mama’s Hug – Pam can now heal herself and other brawlers without the help of her super. She just needs to use her Scrapstorm, hit an enemy, and she and her friends will restore 30 HP.
  • Mortis: Creepy Harvest – Mortis will now have the ability to rip his opponent’s soul. For each soul he collects, he will regain 1200 HP.
  • Tara: Black Portal – Whenever Tara uses her Super, a shadowy Tara will appear from another dimension and attacks her enemies.
  • Spike: Fertilize – Spike can now heal himself by using his Super and stepping within its radius. He can heal 600 HP per second.
  • Crow: Extra Toxic – Crow’s poisoned daggers can now sap the enemies’ strength causing their attacks to do 10% less damage.


This is the combined trophies of all your Brawlers. After updating the game, you’ll get a pop up about your rank rewards, an easy way to get free gold!

Improved Game room

Players in the game room can now easily choose which event they want to join in. One of the best improvement in game room is playing friendly battles! Players can choose what map and what event they want to play in. Did I mention that this new feature is a good set up for tournaments and ultimately a Brawl Stars E-Sports. Can’t wait!

2 New Event Game Modes

There are two new available event game modes requiring tickets. First, as seen in the image above, is Boss Fight. Boss Fight is a 1 vs 5 Brawler match. The lone brawler is the boss brawler with increased HP, ATK, and Super. He/She doesn’t have the ability to heal and the rest of the 5 brawlers have to take him/her down. The second event is called Robo Rumble. Think of it as a crazier Heist combined with savage robots trying to break it open. The event is open to 3 brawlers and their task is to survive wave after wave of robots while keeping their safe well… safe.
You will get tickets for free inside brawl boxes as a bonus. Take note that you need to spend them in every event as they expire a week after the current “ticketed” event.

Balance Changes

Character Balance

  • Poco – They fixed a bug where rapid attacks do not register correctly.
  • Crow – His super jump can be performed faster and has a new animation.
  • Barley – His Super Ability damage generates less charge towards the new Super. (33% down. From 120 to 80.)
  • Dynamike – His Super Ability damage generates less charge towards the new Super. (17% down. From 120 to 100.)
  • Colt – His Super Ability damage generates less charge towards the new Super. (17% down. From 120 to 100.)
  • Brock – His Super Ability damage generates less charge towards the new Super. (25% down. From 120 to 90.)
  • Jessie – Main attack gets a buff from 640 DMG to 720.
  • Nita – Main attack gets a buff from 640 DMG to 680.
  • Pam – Healing Station gets a buff. It can now heal 400 HP per tick from 320 HP.
  • Bo – Mines get a DMG buff. It can now deal 1440 DMG from 1200 and they also added the push back effect.

Event Balance

  • They fixed a bug in Brawl Ball where brawlers who had the ability to charge and jump would still carry the ball while in action.
  • Additional bug was fixed where a turret and healing station would block the ball.
  • They made it easier for you to get the ball on your own goal line.
  • They will now award more Star Player points for every goal.
  • During Heist events in GG Coral map, defenders will no longer spawn in front of the safe.
  • They improved the lay out of GG Coral to improve defense.

Additional Changes

  • Players above XP level 5 can now do a one-time name change.
  • If a player gets disconnected while getting an item, it stays in the game field.
  • They increased all brawlers’ HP and attack 4x.
  • New User Interface.
  • In bands, players can now see other players’ last online time up to a month.
  • No more duplicate brawler in brawler boxes.
  • They introduced new Mythic Brawler Box.
  • Added new starter pack.
  • Brawl Ball SFX.
  • Nita now has VO.
  • They added new sounds to Gem Grab.
  • New menu music.
  • They improved Crow’s texture.
  • Jessie, Colt, and Shelly now have blink animations.


Now is probably the best time to get back to Brawl Stars! You might be surprised how much improvement the team has made. From the music, user interface, new game modes, brawl boxes, and more. You’ll definitely feel the hard work they’ve been giving the game. Although there are still some Brawlers without voices like Mortis, Tara, and the legendaries, it almost feels complete. I know I said in the last big update that the next update (this update) will now include Android and global but I never expect that they will completely revamp the game. The team deserves a standing ovation for a job well done.

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