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December 16, 2017

A new update is coming again. Brawl Stars gave us a sneak peek at what’s coming!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! We got a piping hot news! Brawl Stars will do another December 2017 Update… again! Yes, folks they will release a new one to fix bugs included in the last update.

After some time, the Brawl Stars team are on a roll and will do another update next week (probably around December 18-22, 2017). This is to fix bugs that happened in the last update, quality of life additions, and… balance changes! We will go into more details (sort of) in this article.

Brawl Stars December 2017 Update… Again

Around 8:30 AM EST, Brawl Stars posted on Reddit this new update that will happen in the game this incoming week. Although, they only posted a sneak peek at what is coming… again they gave a few details.

  • They will fix a few bugs that appeared in the last update.
  • Another quality of life additions. (Yayy!)
  • Another round of balance changes. Now this third one, I’m not sure. We don’t want them to touch our newly maxed brawlers now, do we? 🙁


This mysterious looking fowl is getting a nerf. After the first December 2017 update that includes the addition of Crow’s Star Power and his faster jump, players are now in love with this legendary brawler. He runs fast (that he can dodge Bo’s traps), still do the usual poison daggers but once you’ve unlocked his Star Power, he’s on a different level. Crow’s Star Power gives him the ability to debuff his enemies. His Extra Toxic (Star Power) can lower his opponent/s’ strength by 10%.
With his newfound fame, Brawl Stars team decided to give him a nerf as they think Crow’s popularity is too much to handle.


Who doesn’t like these Tickets? They are your entrance to another game mode that lets you earn a lot of gold than the usual events. This news is a good one. Initially, your tickets have an expiration, remember? You have to use them during the event or else they’ll expire. The good news is, they will now remove that expiration so you can horde those bonus drops from the brawl box! Sounds good, eh?
Well, another question arises. Let us just hope they don’t turn down the bonus ticket drops! *crosses fingers*

Coin Boosters

Sorry to burst your bubble from the good news from the Event Tickets but they will now remove Coin Boost. So what’s the reason? The team gave two.
“Firstly, we’d like to give ourselves a little more wiggle room in case we want to introduce an event that injects a lot of Coins into the economy without breaking it. Secondly, we didn’t want there to be a scenario where people would need to horde their Brawl Boxes before an event in the hopes of getting a Coin Booster.” – Brawl Stars Team
Before we mope around and cry, the Coin Doublers will stay. Coin Doublers will now have a bigger chance of dropping in your Brawl Boxes as they will take the place of the Coin Boosters.
But what about your Coin Boosters, you might ask? Don’t worry, you can still use them but after the new update, you won’t be getting one anymore.


I am a bit sad that they’re removing the Coin Boosters but they do have a point as to why they’re removing them. It is for the better economy of the game. But hey, we can still do good with just Coin Doublers in our hands. About the Event Tickets getting permanent, this is really good news! I remember getting a lot of them after the update (because of all those free gold from ranking) and I just went all out in Boss Fight and gamble them all as to not waste them. With this new incoming update.. again, I can now save my tickets and use ’em whenever I feel like using them in a ticketed event.

If you want to read the Official Reddit post of Brawl Stars, you can click HERE.

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