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December 2, 2017

The biggest update yet. They changed everything from the ground up. From a new brawler to the new interface, learn about the update here.

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! Finally, another long wait is over. Brawl Stars finally revealed the content of its new update and it’s gonna be a handful.

There is a new brawler, two new game modes, a lot of update about Elixirs, Chips, Brawl Boxes, and more! Seems like the team has been really busy polishing the game. The question is, will this be the update that will go global? Read on to find out!

December Update ready for Android?

I know a lot of Supercell fans are waiting for this for a very very long time now and Ryan, the Brawl Star’s Community Manager dropped the bomb right away. The answer is… NO. He shared that the team is not yet ready to release it on Android and Global. Well, the hype might be gone but for sure, once they are ready, old players might come back to hone their skills once again.

New Brawler, Darryl

Initially called the Barrel Bot, Darryl has two shotguns ready to fire. During Brawl Talk, they shared that Darryl’s ultimate is almost the same as Bull’s but three times longer. The catch here is, Darryl bounces off the walls just like how Ricochet’s bullets. There is still no information given about his Rarity and other stats.

New Brawler Upgrade System

  • Red Circle – Tokens, initially called Bolts. Used to be elixirs.
  • White Circle – Tokens you need to upgrade your Brawler. Complete them to unlock the ability inside the Green Circle.
  • Green Circle – Called Crests (initially called Nitro). For each tier completed, you’ll unlock a Crest. Complete all Crest and you’ll get a passive ability located inside the Yellow Circle.
  • Yellow Circle – No name yet, but this will unlock a passive ability. Example: Bo can now see 5 tiles further even under the bushes, Colt will now run faster.

Ryan went ahead and said chips and elixirs are dead. It will be gone in the next update, but before you panic, they will change elixirs to Tokens (initially called Bolts) and chips to… Gems! Sounds good, eh? So what will happen to your current brawlers upgraded with elixirs? He said everything will reset to give you a chance to upgrade using Bolts.

These Tokens are what you will use to fill the new skill tree. You can also unlock Tokens in Brawl Boxes with a chance of unlocking a higher level token to fill the tree.

  • Note: Chip to Gem ratio is 1:3. Gems will round up to nearest 10.

2 New Game Modes

Brawl Stars will now have two new game modes! Exciting isn’t it? Well, the thing is, we will need a ticket in order to enter one. Where to get a ticket? You can get one in Brawl Boxes – if you’re lucky!

Monster Hunt

This is a 5 versus one game. Out of six players, one will be the boss with massive HP and attacking power and the remaining five has to take down the boss. Even though this boss has a huge amount of HP, it doesn’t have the ability to heal. This is where players have to cooperate and create a strategy to beat the mammoth brawler.

Robo Rumble

This one is pretty cool. Think of it as an enhanced Heist game mode. You and two of your teammates have to protect the safe from swarms of robots, wave after wave of robots. You’ll be facing melee robots, ranged robots, and the big boss robots. The Rum Ham and Powerbang even shared that their longest fight under this game mode is under 4 minutes as it gets tougher and tougher.
So what do you get in joining this ticketed events? Tons of Gold! As of this writing, the devs shared that there is no cap – yet on how many golds you can earn per ticket. As long as you have a ticket, feel free to farm your well-deserved gold.

Additional Updates

  • New User Interface – Powerbang and Rum Ham shared that the interface really changed. From music, sounds, and even the details on the brawlers.
  • New Game Room with Friends – You can now switch events without disbanding the team.
  • Friendly Battles – Teams can now play against each other that can be a good set up for an E-Sport. Events shared that supports Friendly Battles: Showdown and 3 vs 3 and they can also choose which map to play on.
  • Ranking Rewards – They will now give you Gold after reaching a milestone. The game will calculate it basing on your total number of trophies.
  • Coin Cap – They now raised the cap to around 1 million.
  • Mythic Brawl Boxes – They are coming to this update! One Mythic Brawl Box will cost 350 Gems.
  • No More Duplicates – You will no longer get duplicates from Brawl Boxes.

Brawl Talk Video:


This might be the biggest update yet. They changed everything from the ground up. As they shared, the user interface is looking awesome and so polished that you’ll never feel like it’s the old Brawl Stars. Ryan also shared that the reason why they can’t put it out on global and Android yet is because they are testing this big update if it’s going to work just fine. We will give you updates on any changes and update our articles once they’ve given enough information to go on. In the meantime, let us enjoy the current Brawl Stars!

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