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October 5, 2017

They are toning down… Dynamike and Barley? Here’s a list of everything that has changed in Brawl Stars’s new Balance Update!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article we will share Brawl Stars Balance Changes October 5, 2017. And yes, as usual there are a bunch of buffs and nerfs this month.

The dev team is keeping it short and they are only making changes to four Brawlers and one map. Check out what will change.
Wait a minute, after a number of buffs, they are now nerfing this bartender? Looks like the devs went a little overboard with Barley’s Super by making it do 140DMG per second. I guess they don’t want to see a lot of melting brawlers in the arena so they are pulling it down to 120 DMG. This will make his deadly concoctions a little bearable.
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Dynamike’s Super gets a nerf.

It is the same story with Dynamike. He also got numerous buffs in the previous Balance Changes and they are now trying to cut it back. This retired miner used to deal 540 DMG with his super and can stop a barrage of Brawlers on their path. The game devs are now putting less gun powder in his dynamites and will now deal 500 DMG with his Super.
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Tara’s Super and HP gets a buff.

They are bringing Mythic back to Tara. In the previous September 2017 Balance Changes, they decided to tone down her HP to 700 and also cut her range by 0.67. With the previous nerf, the devs thought that they made too much nerfing and will bring back her original 800 HP so she can compete with her medium range. She will also have her Super more super by adding a good 40 DMG to her 100 Super damage. Tara’s super is now 140 DMG from the previous 100 DMG.
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Spike’s Super gets a buff.

And nope, it is not Spike’s DMG but his Super’s flying speed instead. By buffing its speed, it will surely give you a bigger chance to catch you a Brawler or two even at a distance.

Brawl Star Changes

GG Corral

They make a few changes in the map that will make attacking a little difficult. Aside from that, they also increased the Safe’s HP.

Balance Insight

For this month’s Balance Changes, the dev team are making it sweet and short. Seems like they are pretty happy with what’s going on in the game. I am still betting that in the next major update, we might finally see it going global and android. Of course, some polishes like voices for other Brawlers need to be fixed first.

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