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January 19, 2018

Brawl Stars are now available in three countries! Learn about what the devs say about the Global and Android release, next update, and more!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! The devs are back and is giving us three new countries to play Brawl Stars (if you still don’t know how to play it via Canadian iTunes). Aside from the big (sort of) announcement, they also opened a Dev AMA (ask-me-anything) over on Reddit.

Brawl Stars Three New Countries

One of their good news is Brawl Stars is now available to players in Finland, Sweden, and Norway. Players in the said countries can now download Brawl Stars from the App Store. Yes, no more getting a Canadian Apple ID to get it or buy a Canadian iTunes card to go P2W!

Brawl Stars Dev AMA

In this section, we will get the most interesting questions and answers that you may want to know.

Q: What do you have to say about the matchmaking? – WeeklyBrawler

“We’re constantly working to improve matchmaking! Game Rooms can make it tough (if a 400 Trophy Brawler is in a Game Room with a 200 Trophy Brawler, then it won’t look perfect on the end-screen).” – Dev Team

Q: How do you decide on what a brawler’s rarity will be? – nofunallowed297

“The Rarity is decided by the Brawler’s complexity and by which rarities need more Brawlers. For example, if we feel that we need more early-game Brawlers then we’d try to make a simpler Brawler to fit within that role.” – Dev Team

Q: Hei devs! Can we expect to get Spectate game feature in the future? – TI-Sagar

“We’re actively working on this now! It’s a bit more complicated to implement than our other games which is why it’s taking a bit longer.

For example, in Boom Beach the game records the players’ inputs and recreates the battle with the AI. For Brawl we need to do it a bit differently since there are more inputs and we don’t have an AI. We need to store every single tick in the entire game in order to replay it correctly.” – Dev Team

Q: What is the brawl stars team working on that we can expect in the next update? Also ily rlight 🙂 – xKingKevinx

“Hey Kev!

We don’t have the whole list in concrete yet. We’re still testing a lot of things to see what makes sense. That being said, one of the things we’ll focus on is making the early-game less intimidating (think the first time someone opens Brawl Stars). We’ve received feedback that the game is a little unforgiving to new players and we’d like to improve on that.” – Dev Team

Q: How satisfied are you, perhaps on a scale of 1 to 10, with the current game state for it to go global? – Relyhh

“The big quetsion – WHEN IS GLOBAL RELEASE!?

1-10 scale is really hard. I don’t want to guess, and I think each person on the team would probably have different answers. Instead we’ll go a bit more in depth on our current thinking:

We still have not made a decision on whether Brawl Stars will go global. In order to explain why, I’d like to give a little background on how we make games at Supercell. One of our goals is to make games that people will play for years and remember forever. When we’re deciding whether to release a new game we need to ask ourselves whether we can accomplish that. As many of you know, Supercell is a relatively small company. That means that if we want to dedicate 15-20 people to a project for many years, we need to be really confident in that project. If you want to learn more about our process for new games, I highly reccommend checking out Jonathan’s (Team Lead of Clash Royale) GDC talk where he talks about this in depth —>

SO what does that mean for Brawl? Right now, we’re feeling pretty optimistic about Brawl Stars! We’re not there yet, but we have some concrete ideas to improve the game and we want to roll those out before we make the big decisions.” – Dev Team

Q: Will there be a update soon? – Daniel27-Oof

“Probably not in the immediate future. We’re not exactly sure how long our new changes will take since we’re still testing exactly what we want to do. We’ll give some updates as soon as we have better timelines.

That being said, it’s good to distinguish between Updates and Balance Changes. Updates take significantly longer (usually 2-4 months), but Balance Changes we can do more regularly. A full Update is something you’ll need to download from the App Store, but we can do balance changes with a maintenance (like we did yesterday).” – Dev Team

Q: Are there gonna be free gems awarded to players for completing certain achievements? (Mainly for F2P players). – Spartz99

“At the moment we don’t have plans for this. We want skins (bought with gems) to be very exclusive. Regarding Achievements, we might do something along these lines. We’d like to be better about giving clear goals to players that are fun to attain. That being said, we think we can do something cooler than the achievement system!” – Dev Team

Q: Can we have an approximate date on when the game will be released for Android? Not as a deadline but as a slight spark of hope. – iArribi

“Unfortunately, releasing in soft launch on Android is somewhat complicated. I’m going to get a little bit technical so bear with me:

Due to the nature of the Android APK, if we tried to release only in one region, it’s pretty trivial for the APK to be released worldwide. We’re definitely not ready for the game to be worldwide just yet.” – Dev Team


With all the answers we got, there is only one important answer – Brawl Stars is not yet ready to go Global or Android. But, at least they’re giving it a shot to the players in Europe. Since the last update, they won’t be releasing a new one soon. We probably have to wait around 2-4 months, let us just hope they’re ready for Global or Android by then. Fingers crossed! 🙂

If you want to check the whole Reddit Thread, you can click HERE.

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