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October 27, 2017

Who’s the better brawler in particular game modes, Crow or Spike? We list down all their similarities and differences in this article!

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will talk about Brawl Stars Crow or Spike and which of these two is worthy of your 500 Chips.

Finally, the long wait is over, eh? And you’ve finally saved 500 chips to buy a legendary brawler, congratulations! I know it wasn’t easy saving all those chips since there are Epics that only cost 60 gems and Mythics for 200. In this artle, let us help you get the best legendary suited for your game style.

Brawl Stars Mortis or Tara

Alright, let us start with Crow. With Crow’s image of being the strong and silent type, a lot of players wishes to have him in the team. He has the fastest movement speed in the game. He can also throw three daggers laced with poison to stop a brawler from regenerating HP and deal a trickle of damage around 4-5 ticks. A poison damaged brawler will have a hard time hiding in the bushes. This effectively makes Crow the top brawler in the Snake Prairie map in Bounty. Crow also has a useful Super that can either evade a fight or get near a fight. He takes flight and throws a ring of poisoned daggers before and after he lands.
Next stop, Spike. Now, don’t mistake him as a cactus fixture in the game. This walking cactus right here is one of two legendary brawlers in the game. He is a great crowd control brawler with his Spike Bombs and Super. With him in the team, you can easily round up brawlers with his Spike Bomb that explodes in 6 spikes in a radial manner. With his Super, Stick Around, he can also slow down units within its patch, dealing 125 DMG per second.

Crow and Spike Tale of the Tape:

Brawl Stars Crow or Spike – Health

Health Crow


HP Level 1 600 600
HP Level 2 630 630
HP Level 3 660 660
HP Level 4 690 690
HP Level 5 720 720
HP Level 6 750 750
Healthwise, these two legendaries are neck to neck. Both of them has the same HP. But take note that Crow has the fastest movement speed in the game. That means, he can easily dodge and move around the map. Spike, on the other hand, has the same average speed just like everybody else. In this round, Crow wins the game because of his speed and ability to dodge effectively.

Brawl Stars Crow or Spike – Attack




ATK Level 1 80 120
ATK Level 2 84 126
ATK Level 3 88 132
ATK Level 4 92 138
ATK Level 5 96 144
ATK Level 6 100 150

Basing on their Attack, Spike wins this round. At max, Spike can deal 150 DMG per spike. His Needle Grenade can explode into six spikes and each can deal 150 DMG. But don’t shrug off Crow too much, although his trio of daggers can only deal 100 DMG each, they are poisonous. This means, any brawler who comes in contact with Crow’s daggers will not be able to regenerate HP and can still take damage per tick.

Brawl Stars Crow or Spike – Super

Super Crow


Super Level 1 80 100
Super Level 2 84 105
Super Level 3 88 110
Super Level 4 92 115
Super Level 5 96 120
Super Level 6 100 125

If we base the winner of this bout by looking at their power, Spike definitely wins. He can deal 125 DMG per second while his prey/s are within his cactus patch. It also slows them down, making them an easy target to his buddies. But if you want a brawler who can easily evade fights, go with Crow. His Super is the same as Piper’s but he deploys a ring of poisoned daggers before his flight and after he lands. This makes sure he poisons every enemy around him.

Brawl Stars Crow and Spike – Events:

Smash and Grab

Crow > Spike
Crow wins the Smash & Grab event. This is because of his fast movement speed and because he is able to fly away from danger just in case he has the gems. His poison daggers can also help the team to locate any hidden brawler like El Primo or Shelly hiding in the bushes. With his ability to stop HP regen, the team can obtain the mine until the time is up.
Even though Crow wins, Spike is also good in S & G. He can use his Super in area denial, especially near the mine or the enemies’ entrance. Although he can not fly and hide like Crow, he is still a good support unit to have in this event.


Crow = Spike
Using this two in Showdown is quite fun. Crow can throw his Poison Daggers onto an unsuspecting Brawler and he won’t be able to hide in those bushes for some time. He can also ditch the battle by flying away. The sad part? Due to his low attack damage, it is hard for him to break open a crate.
Spike, on the other hand, has that splash damage. He can also use it to stir up the pot and damage brawlers as many as he can. Careful not to have him targeted though.


Crow < Spike
Alright, TBH this is a tough choice. Both brawlers cannot break the walls around the safe. But Spike wins this bout. He can easily shut down and control the movement of his enemies. He has that Needle Grenade that explodes into spikes and that great Super, Stick Around! Spike can easily defend as well as go on offense as long as there are other brawlers tanking.
Crow, on the other hand, can swoop down and deal damage. On offense as well as defense, Crow’s dagger can easily help the team. With the other team poisoned, they can not heal and hide beneath the bushes. An easy target for Crow’s buddies.


Crow = Spike
Another equal ranking for the two legendaries. Crow has an advantage because of his poison daggers, again, stopping their HP regen and bush hiding. Spike, with his Needle Grenade, can chip HP and also make it easy for his buddies to go for a kill.

Brawl Ball

Crow < Spike

Spike wins this round, no doubt. His Stick Around! is highly useful in this game mode. You can use it to effectively control the map and block opponents from reaching their goal. His splash damage is also a plus, as he can damage the group as they try to take the ball. Crow, on the other hand, is also good with his speed and poison daggers. He is more like the support of the team and in keeping the opponents drenched in poison.

Final Verdict

These two legendaries are completely different from one another. Well, aside from their same HP and rarity, they are nothing alike. If you’re into doing slow punishing damage, we would recommend that you get your Crow. If you are into crowd control, go with Spike. Both of them have their own strengths as the other can fly away from harm and the other can slow down opponents, perfect for assassination. Crow has 750 speed while Spike has 650 speed, same as others. The choice now depends on what kind of brawler you would like to have, the Poison Master Crow or the Crowd Control Spike.

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