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December 13, 2017

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! In this article, we will talk about Brawl Stars Boss Fight Tips and Tricks! This new ticketed event is really fun and can help you a lot of gold. (Ka-ching!)

With the introduction of the latest December Update comes a two new game mode – Boss Fight and Robo Rumble. We will focus on Boss Fight first and we’ll leave Robo Rumble in another article. These two events need a ticket before you can enter and it’s available inside Brawl Boxes as a bonus drop.

Boss Fight Tips and Tricks

Check out the best brawlers to use in Boss Fights. They do great in being a boss and killing a boss.


What makes Nita the top choice for Boss Fight is her ability to summon her Big Baby Bear. As a boss, she already has a massive amount of HP and after filling her Super, she can then let out her Big and not so baby bear to wrangle other brawlers. In killing the boss, Nita and her ever helpful BBB is also a good choice. An extra pair of hands or rather, claws can help beat up the boss.


Shelly and her boomstick lands in second spot. If you’re lucky enough to get her as a boss, you can easily blast through other brawlers in no time. Maxing Shelly’s skill tree gives you her Star Power, Shell Shock, that will slow them down for 3.0 seconds. This will give you an easier time picking them off or running away to keep the battle longer. Same as using Shelly to kill the boss. Almost all players in Brawl Stars got a taste of her lead, especially in Showdown, and they all know how that tastes.


Bull, same as Shelly, has his shotgun locked and loaded. With more HP than Shelly, he can face those small brawlers a little longer. Blasting them up front can surely finish his problem in no time. His super is also effective in moving away to give himself a breather and space (or just prolong the time).

El Primo

The masked wrestler, El Primo is also included in the list. This is because of his massive HP. As a boss, he can clearly use his fists to do the talking while running away. With his huge HP pool, players will take some time before they can subdue this mammoth. His Super is quite helpful in crushing a clump of brawlers chasing after him or use it to run away. As a regular El Primo fighting the boss, he can survive a couple of shots thus firing a couple of punches before expiring.

Additional Boss Fight Tips and Tricks

  • Piper is not a good choice here. Although, she can make a lot of damage using her Super to get away, she can not clearly use her main attack to deal maximum damage. She can do fine as a regular Piper.
  • Dynamike and Barley are also good choices as they can do an effective splash damage.
  • Darryl, same as Shelly and Bull can use his double barrel. Use his super to get away from brawlers too.
  • Unpopular brawlers in Boss Fight: Pam, Poco, and Mortis

I played Boss Fight a lot and I’ve been a boss only once, using Ricochet. I know, he’s not a popular choice but he is my only maxed brawler and it’s working really fun! With his Star Power unlocked, he can easily slice through those brawlers like a hot knife through butter. It was fun seeing those bullets bounce around and killing any brawler that touches it. You just have to move a lot and Ricochet was able to last 2 minutes+! Same as using him as a regular Ricochet, his bullets can easily bounce around and hit the boss.

All in all, this new ticketed event is really fun to play. No pressure, as you don’t lose trophies. Now, I just wish I have enough tickets to play again.

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