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December 11, 2017

What’s up guys, Itchy Monkey here! After the December 2017 update, all brawlers’ upgrades have been reset. In this article, I’ll give you few tips on which is the Best Brawler to Max to best enjoy the update.

With the new update currently available and the Elixir upgrades have been wiped out to give you a clean slate. Elixirs are then exchanged for Tokens with 1:40 ratio. These Tokens are now what you use for upgrades. For every completed tier, you can unlock a crest, by completing three crests for every Brawler, you can then unlock his/her Star Power. This Star Power is unique to every brawler. It can be an ATK upgrade, SPD, DEF etc. With the introduction of Star Power, some brawlers are currently wrecking it through the arena with their added passive ability.
The question now is, which brawler should you max out? Don’t worry buddy, we have your back.


One of the under-appreciated Brawler before the December 2017 big update is now making waves in this newest update. To be honest, he is now my main man from the least used brawler from the last update. Why? His range plus his added 100 DMG for both main attacks and super is just crazy! From probably 20 games I played Rico with randoms, I won 15 games and in some of the losses, I was even the star player.
The only trick that you need to learn after maxing Ricochet and unlocking his Star Power is learning how his bouncing bullets work. The additional 100 DMG won’t work unless it bounces off walls. So yes, direct hits will just have the normal DMG but once you try hitting the walls towards the opponent, that will really crush them.
We recommend having Ricochet maxed out.


If you’re lucky to have Pam already unlocked, now is the best time to max her out to activate her Star Power. Your brawlers need a little mother’s love and Brawl Stars has Mama J to take care of it. Pam’s Star Power, Mama’s Hug, will not just make her buddies feel comfortable but it will also help them in terms of healing. For every hit of her Scrapstorm, she and her team will recover 30 HP to continue the fight.
If she already has her Healing Station down plus Star Power unlocked, it will be a tad difficult to bring down Pam’s team. Remember, the brawlers now have 4x health. With Pam’s already massive HP multiplied by four, she will surely not let her guard down protecting her babies.


Another Epic brawler, Piper, is on our list. If you’ve been playing Brawl Stars and Bounty for a long time, you’ll know that this event is Piper’s playground. Her sniping plus her Super that deploys grenades is just made for wide open spaces with bushes. Maxing Piper before the December 2017 Update is already too much, but players that will max her now will be surprised. Brawl Stars gave her an additional 400 DMG (at max range) as her Star Power. The only deal here is, Piper has to stay hidden under the bushes to get the +400 DMG bonus.

Other Brawlers

I know aside from Ricochet, Pam and Piper are Epic brawlers and some of you (including me) still doesn’t have them unlocked. Brawlers such as Shelly, Nita, El Primo, and Jessie are all worth checking out. Shelly’s Star Power, Shell Shock, has the ability to slow down her victims for 3.0 seconds. Nita has Bear With Me that heals 180 HP whenever her BBB hit an enemy and vice versa. El Primo’s Star Power is El Fuego. This gives his Super an additional 400 DMG as it puts his victims into flames for 5 seconds. Lastly, Jessie has Energize. This lets her heal Scrappy just by shooting at it.
If you want to know other Brawlers’ Star Power, you can check their profile in the app or you can go to THIS ARTICLE that will link you to our December 2017 Update article.
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